Terms and Conditions


ScratchMasters offer a lifetime guarantee on all our work.  ScratchMasters do not offer a guarantee for rust damage, touch-in repairs or areas with a previous repair.  If at any time a claim is made on the guarantee, ScratchMasters will either arrange a suitable date and time when we will visit you and rectify the repair or offer a refund if we are not able to offer a rectification.  If, for whatever reason, you decide to take the car to a third party to rectify a repair, ScratchMasters will not be liable to any cost higher than the invoiced price of the repair.  The guarantee is not transferable in any way; this includes sale of the vehicle.


ScratchMasters will not be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as the result of a repair.  The customer must keep the invoice to use as proof that the work has been completed.  A claim on the guarantee will not be considered without an invoice. If you wish to make a claim on the guarantee, please email ScratchMasters with a scanned copy of the invoice and pictures of the work that requires rectification.


Quality Of Repair

ScratchMasters is a mobile vehicle repair company and whilst we aim for all our repairs to be unnoticeable when compared to the original damage, we are not able to offer the same quality of body work repair that would be achieved within a body shop environment.  Our repairs take place at a location convenient to you, therefore we are limited by the outside conditions we are working in. 


Where a body shop may repair multiple panels or the entire side of a vehicle, ScratchMasters focus on the localised repairs and blending the repair into the surround area. To achieve a ´perfect´ repair, we recommend that you use a body shop. 


Additional Panels 

ScratchMasters only paint the panel/s that have been damaged.  If the customer wishes the adjacent panels to be painted there will be an additional cost.


Lease & Sales Repairs

ScratchMasters are not liable for any costs incurred as a result of lease-end penalty charges or liable for any reduction in value for vehicles sold.



Whilst ScratchMasters can give quotes for work remotely (phone, email, txt, WhatsApp, etc.) if, before or during the repair, we uncover more extensive work is required, we will discuss any additional costs and seek and obtain customer approval before the work commences/continues. Wherever known/possible, it is the responsibility of the customer to advise us of any previous repairs that have taken place on the areas we are working on.  



A minimum deposit of £50.00 will secure your appointment in the calendar for the work to be completed.  These are non-refundable for missed appointments.  Appointments can be re-scheduled up to 48 hrs (2 days) in advance.  Any deposit is offset against the final bill for work completed.   Your deposit is not impacted if the appointment needs to be moved by ScratchMasters. 


Weather Conditions

To enable ScratchMasters technicians to work in a relatively clean and dry environment, we use a marquee (as required) to complete our jobs.  These have sides which we can put up to block out a lot of bad weather conditions.  However, if the weather conditions are not safe enough for our technicians to work in (e.g., high winds), we will re-schedule the job.  We’ll keep in close contact with you to ensure we can manage your expectations if the need arises, however, we don’t usually know this until much nearer the time… 



Unless agreed in advance, we collect payment upon completion of the work, either by card or by bank transfer.


After Care

Whilst your vehicle is weatherproof and driveable as soon as the repair is completed; we strongly recommend that you do not wash it for at least 10 days after the repair to allow the repair to fully cure and harden.  We strongly advise against using polishes, waxes or using harsh cleaning methods for a 3-week period after the repair.  Not following these aftercare guidelines will invalidate your guarantee with ScratchMasters.


In the rare occasion when heavy rain hits your car after the repair, white marks may appear (these are water marks).  These should disappear over a few days. If they do not, we commend using a car polish to remove the marks.  If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact us any we’ll arrange for a technician to visit and assess next steps.


Prior To The Repair

Please ensure the car is clean prior to our visit. Not only does this help with the aesthetic of your vehicle (see the After Care section for limitation on cleaning your car after repair), but it also ensures the vehicle is prepped ready for our technicians to work on. 


For alloy wheels, please ensure the wheels are clean and free from brake dust.  If we must clean them before the repair, we will charge an 15% surcharge for the time spent cleaning the wheels.   Our ScratchMasters technician will discuss this at the time we quote and ensure you’re aware of any addition costs due to this on the day on the repair before any work commences. 


Please ensure your vehicle is free from tyre shine/slick or any silicone-based product, as this will likely cause a chemical reaction with the paint/lacquer.


E-Mail and Distribution

From time-to-time ScratchMasters will email you with details of any special offers and services that we are offering.  If you do not wish your email to be used for these purposes, please contact us (see contact us page) and let us know so that we can remove your email address from our mailing list.   ScratchMasters will never sell or pass on your email address to third parties, without your prior knowledge/consent, for example, if we need to recommend you to a colleague from our network of independent car care specialists.



If we do refer to you to a colleague from our network of independent car care specialists, any business conducted in this case will be between the customer and that company, not ScratchMasters.