Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the  ScratchMasters FAQ page.  We are an independent and mobile vehicle body repair company, operating in and around the Wigan and Greater Manchester area, providing services at a date, time, and location to suit you!

What aftercare do I need to be aware of?

Whilst your vehicle is weatherproof and driveable as soon as the repair is completed; we strongly recommend that you do not wash the car for at least 10 days. This ensures the paint and lacquer have had enough time to fully cure.

Can you match every paint?

During a quotation visit, we’ll use the latest PPG scanning technology to check your vehicle colour and match this against a database of colours. If we are not able to match the colour our technicians will let you know at the time. No work ever starts without us having a confident colour match for your vehicle.

How can I pay?

Our technicians carry mobile chip and pin machines, or, if you prefer, you can pay by bank transfer after the job is completed.

What information do you need for a quote?

To get a free, no obligation quote, please see our Get in Touch section and provide us your name, contact details (both phone and email) and your address. In addition, pictures are a great source of information – several clear images showing both close-up and mid-range (around 1.5 metres away) views of the damage always come in useful. Don’t worry if you’re not able to take pictures, we are happy to arrange a visit to come and see you.

What type of vehicles do you work on?

We can work on most types of vehicles, but depending on where the damage is and time of year/weather conditions, for example, if your vehicle is too large to fit under the marquee’s we use, we are reliant upon good weather…

Do you repair alloy wheels?

Yes. Whilst we can repair minor damage to alloy wheels, we are unable to repair diamond-cut, polished or chrome alloys.

Do you have a garage/premises?

No, we are a mobile repair company, which enables us to keep our prices lower and work to a time and place which is convenient to you.

Do you need access to power and water?

Yes please! Our technicians need access to clean water (enough to fill a bucket) and preferable two power sockets (to be able to run the various tools).

How do you match the paint?

We use the latest PPG technology to not only match the colour of your paint, but also match the age colour of your paint. A hand-held camera detects the colour of the paint, and the information is fed into our laptop to give us the mix for the paint.

What can I expect to pay for my repair?

The price for each job varies, depending on the work required. If a scratch is across two panels of your vehicle, you’d pay more than for work on a single panel. Our technicians will never over-charge and we aim to offer competitive day rates for vehicles that require multiple jobs completing.

Do you offer a Guarantee for the work you do?

We are that confident that the work we carry out if of the highest standard that we offer a lifetime guarantee for the work.

Can you repair a previous repair?

Yes, however, this work is not guaranteed. Your repair may take longer due to the nature and quality of the previous repair. Our technicians will inform you of any previous repairs they find as soon as they find them. Wherever possible, this will be before the job is started, however, some previous repairs may not be found until work has started…

Can you repair stone chips?

Whilst we can match the colour of paint, we don’t spray stone chip repairs. We use a brush to touch in the repairs. There is no guarantee with this work.

What areas do you work in?

We operate across the Bolton, Chorley, Leigh, Knowsley, Salford, St Helens, Warrington, West Lancashire, and Wigan areas.

Can you work in bad weather conditions?

To enable our technicians to work in a relatively clean and dry environment, we use a marquee to complete our jobs. These have sides which we can put up to block out most bad weather conditions. However, if the weather will not be safe for our technicians to work in (e.g., high winds), we will re-schedule the job. We’ll keep in close contact with you to ensure we can manage your expectations if the need arises, however, we don’t usually know this until much nearer the time…

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for your visit?

We recommend your vehicle is washed prior to our visit as this both helps our technicians and ensures you don’t have a “clean patch” on a dirty car for two weeks (see aftercare question for explanation).

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A minimum deposit of £50.00 will secure your appointment in the calendar for the work to be completed. These are non-refundable for missed appointments; however, appointments can be re-scheduled up to 48 hrs (2 days) in advance.

How do you fix a scrape or scuff?

These are the steps we take to repair scratches and scuffs:

• Scan the paint to ensure we can match the colour and mix the paint
• Thoroughly clean and dry the area to remove any contaminants that may interfere with the repair
• Mask up the panels (either side) and any lights, badges, moulding, etc.
• Sand the damaged area to remove the scratch/scuff
• If a filler is required, it is added and sanded smooth at this stage
• Paint a base primer
• Apply the mixed paint in thin layers
• Apply lacquer to protect the paint and cure
• Polish & buff the panel and remove all masking

Are there any repairs you cannot do?

• We are not currently able to offer any repair services for Tesla cars.
• All our work is mobile, we don’t have premises, therefore we are not currently able to repair any horizontal panels, for example, bonnets, roofs, and boot-lids.
• Depending on the size of the dent and if the paint is broken or not, we will put you in touch with a colleague from our network of independent car care specialists.
• Whilst we can repair minor damage to alloy wheels, we are unable to offer a repair service for diamond-cut, polished or chrome alloy wheels.

Do you collect my vehicle, or do I need to deliver it somewhere?

No. We don’t take your car away, in fact, we come to you and complete the repairs at a location of your choosing, for example, work or home.